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paleo grocery list

Choose the Right Paleo Grocery List!

If you’ve decided that this diet is for you, your entire grocery shopping plan is going to change. Getting rid of breads, pasta and refined foods knocks out the majority of the items in your grocery store’s aisles, and dumping dairy gets rid of some of the most popular cold areas of the store as well.

You’re looking for the same things our ancient ancestors did, which means fresh meat, poultry, seafood and produce, with some nuts thrown in as well.

Take this list with you the next time you head to the grocery store to keep your pantry pure paleo.


What does the Paleo Grocery List Include?



Paleo Diet Plan


There are basically 10 essential sources of animal protein. You want to purchase them fresh (as opposed to processed or cured), and raised without hormones or antibiotics, whenever possible. The protein sources are: beef, bison/buffalo, turkey/chicken (skinless), eggs, duck, game meat (pictured), lamb, goat, organs as well as pork.

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Paleo Jokes


When it comes to fish, you definitely want to get as much as you can. Choose fish caught in the wild over those from a farm. While it’s good to have canned fish around in a pinch, it is not something you want to make a habit. Some of the most beneficial fish that you can choose include anchovies, cod, flounder, mahi mahi, halibut, sardines, salmon, tuna and shellfish.


The paleo diet allows you to have any fruit that you want, so when you hit the produce section, pick your favorites out. Here are just a few ideas to bear in mind, though, when you’re shopping so you don’t end up wasting food. One is to purchase dried fruits, but just sprinkle a few of them on a salad or into your bowl of nuts.

Fruit that is dry has more concentrated sugar, so they’re not as good as keeping you full, but they are delicious. A second piece of advice is to keep fruits higher in sugar out of the basket, particularly if you want to drop weight.

This means pineapple, watermelon, mangoes, bananas and dates are on this list; you can have them sometimes, but only in small amounts. Finally, remember that avocado is a fruit -and its contains one of the healthiest forms of fat.


Finally, vegetables are (as always) welcome, particularly the ones that are leafy as well as dark, like broccoli (pictured here). Now that you have some ideas for your shopping trip, remember to stick to the edges of the store, as the processed items tend to fill up n the middle aisles. The best part about the paleo diet, though, is how it seems to help just about everyone who is on it.

With all of this said, some other “vegetables,” like legumes and starches, are not in the paleo diet. This means things like peas, soybeans, peanuts and other legumes do not work. If you want a starchy potato, have a small portion or just skip it to stay true to the plan. These rules will help you survive the inconvenience of shopping for yourself.

You wanna be a fat burner?

On the Standard American Diet (SAD), our bodies tend to focused more on carb burning than fat burning beasts. When the body has more fuel than it requires for a day (typical 9-5 desk job) it will store the excess carbs from the diet in the form of fat (for the winter).

Multiply this by 5 to 10 years of work, then you can see why America, Australia and New Zealand have an obesity epidemic on their hands.

Who is the father of Paleo?

Mark Sisson is considered the father of paleo for his decades of clean nutrition and hard core fitness…

Check him out below…

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