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Smashed Avocado Paleo Breakfast

Smashed Avocado Paleo Breakfast

Create an Amazing Paleo Style Breakfast

The Paleo diet is quite simple and focuses on what our ancestors used to eat;  food in its most natural and un-processed state. A Paleo breakfast is basically focused on eating vegetables, fruits and animal proteins minus all the grains, sugar and wheat products. This concept might be a shock to many people but the benefits of this nutrition based diet are unbelievable. 

It is common knowledge that our ancestors never used to get ill meaning it is the food that we are consuming that has brought all the diseases introducing chronic diseases into this generation like diabetes and cancer. Living a flexible Paleo lifestyle will potentially reduce your chances of developing these issues in the later stages of your life. Other benefits include better sleep, improved digestion and metabolism, better skin, more energy and a lean athletic body. Apart from the eating, our ancestors also used to hunt the food for themselves keeping them fit and healthy.

Contents of a Paleo Breakfast

A good Paleo breakfast should have 4 components:

1. Fruits or vegetables- these help with anti-oxidant and vitamins to enhance immunity and brain function.
2. Lean meat- provides proteins that make bones stronger and enhance immunity. They will also keep you full for a long time.
3. Sea food- provides omega-3 that fights all kinds of diseases and enhances mental health.
4. Healthy fats- provide the body with energy and repair body tissues. You can get this from avocado, nuts, coconut, palm, animal, and olive.

However, there are foods that should be avoided being taken in their natural form because from a “Paleo viewpoint” they are seen as foods on the lower end of the healthy scale. Where possible, this means they must not make it to a Paleo breakfast. These foods are:

1. Milk – Failure to contrary believe, there are other sources of calcium apart from milk. Milk has very high protein levels and it’s hard to digest. The side effects of adults taking milk in its natural form can include allergies, eczema, early physical development, cancer, acne and decreased sex drive.

2. Whole Wheat Foods – these include bread and scones made with brown flour and also brown rice. They are said to be the healthier option but they are not. They raise insulin levels and this causes diabetes.

3. Grains – Legumes and beans are not good for you no matter what doctors say. They have toxins that block absorption of good nutrients.

4. Sugar – Brown sugar is believed to be natural but it’s dirty and unhealthy. It’s still processed from sugarcanes and all the good stuff taken away leaving behind sucrose, which everybody knows can cause diabetes, dental issues, and other diseases.

Examples of Paleo Breakfast

For people who eat eggs and bacon in the morning not much changes. However, tea and specific coffee (bulletproof coffee is a-ok) should be substituted with a fresh fruit or vegetable smoothie. You can make tea made with almond or coconut milk to avoid dairy or have a cup of herbal tea. A piece of fruit and a handful of nuts will be good for you and a nice pancake recipe made of mashed bananas and coconut milk will go along way instead of bread. Interchange the eggs from one day to another by cooking fried, then omellete and then boiled to kill monotony. Cook with olive oil always and always select bacon and meat that has no additives.